Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Purple Heart Address To Make A Car Donation

The staff at Cars Helping Veterans have received many requests to get the addresses for Purple Heart programs across the United States.  Here is a short list of purple heart addresses to help you make your car donation and tax process easier.

Purple Heart Address Florida
Post Office Box 1776
Tallahassee, Florida (FL) 32302-1776

Military Order of the Purple Heart
21501 West 8 Mile Road
Detroit, Michigan (MI) 48219

Purple Heart Address Maryland (MD)
Fallon Federal Bldg
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
(410) 230-4460

*Purple Heart Address Illinois (IL)

Purple Heart Address Virginia (VA)
7008  Little River Turnpike
Annadale, Virginia 22003

Purple Heart Address Texas (TX)
6900 Almeda Road
Houston, Texas 77030

*This is only a comprehensive list. I listed the zip codes and phone numbers for the purple heart locations that I could find online. If you have any additional information to share, please leave a comment so I can update the list of purple heart veteran centers.

Cars Helping Veterans is a nonprofit charity that offers the much needed help for disabled and wounded Purple Heart Veterans. The organization focuses on car donations as a means to help provide support to veterans that were awarded with the Purple Heart Medal of Honor. The goal of the Purple Heart charity is to take the earnings from selling donated cars and using the funding to provide food and shelter to the many homeless veterans across the United States. The donated cars can also be used to help veterans families find a source of transportation to make their life easier. It is the least we can do to show veterans how much we appreciate their brave efforts to serve and protect our country.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Top Rated Vehicle Donation Programs: Why Donate Your Vehicle

Americans Love Affair With Vehicles

Americans love their vehicles. Some households use their vehicles to drive their kids to school or to soccer practice and some just use them to get to work and back. We love things that are fast and convenient. It is no surprise that a recent study found by indicates that American families on average own 2.28 vehicles. Most commonly families have two cars; one for the husband and one for the wife.

That situation can work fine for most American families until the kids grow up. If you are a parent of a teenager, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Around the young age of fifteen to sixteen, teenagers will do almost everything they can to harass their parents to drive a vehicle. For parents, it can be a hard process because they love their child so much and they are afraid of the dangers of letting their "princess" take the keys to a 3,500 lb vehicle.

Whether parents like it or not, they have to eventually give in and let their child take the wheel of a vehicle. Parents are aware of the costs of owning a vehicle, but lets focus on the positive aspects of letting your teenager drive a vehicle.

1. Your child can drive themselves to school, practice and social events. (More time for yourself)

2. Teenagers learn the responsibilities of becoming a adult. Make your child be responsible for the many costs of owning a vehicle such as insurance, payments, repairs and gas. Also teaches them on how to manager their income.

Often parents will pick a used car for their child. This is always a good idea as long as the vehicle is safe and reliable. However, if you buy a unreliable vehicle, you will have to drive them to work anyways. Be a smart shopper and do not be too frugal.

In 2001, my Dad took me a used vehicle lot and I bought a 1985 Oldsmobile. While it was not in great condition, it was good enough to get me to work and school. The engine sometimes backfired and the upholstery on the ceiling was falling down. I followed my father's suggestion to only drive it to school and work. It was not an ideal situation, but it taught me the value of money and hard work.

After graduating from high school, I got a better job and bought a new vehicle. However, I had to do something with my Oldsmobile. I did not want to spend the time to sell the vehicle and I didn't want to donate my vehicle to a junkyard.

Donate Your Vehicle to Charity: Get Rid of your Old Car

I shared my story because it a perfect situation for donating your vehicle. I did not have the time to sell my vehicle and I felt that the vehicle had something to offer for someone else. As fast paced life can be, vehicle donation programs are a lifesaver while helping various charities.

Vehicle Donation Tax Deduction:

Americans also love money. With that in mind, all charitable vehicle donations include an IRS tax deduction. After you donate your vehicle, your vehicle is auctioned off at a charity auction and the sale of your vehicle can be added on your tax return.

Charities Accepting Vehicle Donations:

There are many legitimate nonprofit charities accepting vehicle donations such as Goodwill, Vietnam Veterans of America, Purple Heart Veterans and Cancer Research. Most vehicle donation processing centers accept vehicles nationwide. So it does not matter if you live in California or Maryland. Lastly, vehicle donations include a free tow.

Where Your Donated Vehicle Goes:

After you donate your vehicle to a charity, the vehicle is auctioned off to ones in need. Some families barely can afford one vehicle, but need to get a vehicle to help other family members get to work or school. Using the story mentioned above as an example, that vehicle is perfect for someone just trying to get a vehicle that can get them to work and back.

Helping Your Family Help Society:

For all the parents out there trying to work full time and raise a teenager; Good luck! It can be a great challenge to do what is best for them and put food on the table. However, keep your eyes open to opportunities to save time and teach to your child that helping society is truly honorable.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where Does Your Donated Car Go

Donated Cars For The Needy

Most likely, you are familiar with the trendy benefit of donating your car and receiving a tax deduction. Thousands of donors across America seem to love that idea. Then the proceeds are given to the specific charity. However, did you know that you are helping someone else too?

Unfortunately, there are thousands of hard working American citizens that can not afford to buy a car at a dealership. In addition, many people are unable to rely on public sources of transportation due to conflicts with their job. Due to generous car donations, these individuals are able to buy the donated cars at a price they can afford.

Sometimes, all a person needs is a car that can get them to work and back. When you donate your car, you could be improving the quality of life for another!

Donating an Old and Wrecked Car

Meet Joe. Joe was once an employee at GM in Detroit, Michigan. However, after he was laid off, he found himself with no source of income to help feed his family of three. Joe admitted that he thought they might lose their home. Joe was a great mechanic, but there were no jobs available to him at the time.

With God watching over him, Joe was introduced to the folks at a car donation lot. There were some newer cars that ran well and there were some cars that needed some major repairs. Joe offered to help them repair the cars so they were safe for the roads. The folks at Cars Helping Veterans were so pleased with his work, that they hired him as the lead auto mechanic! While Joe shyly admitted that he wished he was getting paid more, he understood that he was working for a non-profit charity. He felt happy to work in an environment that helped people in need. After all, he understood what it felt like to be unemployed.

Donors enjoy the benefits of giving their car to charity by receiving a tax deduction. However, donors should also be pleased to know that they are helping the less fortunate to find a car that will meet their needs.

Learn how to get a donated car at

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Car Donations to Charity: You can help disabled Veterans!

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These are some of the cars we have received from generous donors like you. All car donation proceeds benefit Vietnam Veterans. Donate your car online today and receive a tax deduction! Thank you for viewing!
auto donation

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cancer Research-How to help and Prevent the Cancer Spread

The good folks at have released some new studies about how our diets affect our bodies. The stunning discovery is that poor diets can cause cancer! That's right, the most feared of all diseases;cancer, could be prevented by eating foods that are full of proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
To put it simply, cancer starts as a single, abnormal cell and it multiplies out of control. These cells can often form tumors and suffocate healthy tissue and it then spreads to other parts of your body. This can come from air, foods and from within our own body. These are called carcinogens. The carcinogens will attack the DNA strands. During this process compounds called inhibitors will attempt to stop the progress of these cells from growing. Vitamins are inhibitors. However, dietary fat can be a promoter of carcinogens. So, that is where a diet comes in. That Mcdonalds burger you may be craving might kill you.

Cars Fighting Cancer recommends having a diet high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein. These can be found in meats, poultry, wheat, vegetables and fruit.

It is also advisable to stay away from alcohol. It can cause stomach, liver and colon cancer.

So even if you can not donate your car to their cancer research program, you can help save your life. Share this post with someone else close to you. It might save their life too!